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Florida 6-year-old kills grandfather with AK-47 left unattended by boy’s uncle at family picnic →


As far as anyone knew, of course, this guy was a completely responsible gun owner yesterday. You know, the guy who brings his AK-47 everywhere:

A Florida man is facing negligence charges after leaving his loaded AK-47 unattended, resulting in his 6-year-old nephew picking it up and accidentally shooting his grandfather.

According to WSVN, Juan Manuel Martinez Jr., 28, has been charged with culpable negligence of a firearm for not keeping an eye on his loaded AK-47, authorities said.

According to police, Martinez was having a beer with his father, Juan Manuel Martinez Sr., at a family barbeque when talk turned to hunting. Martinez Jr. brought out his AK-47 to share, handing it to his father who then set it on a table.

And the kicker?

Martinez admitted to WSVN that he had been doing drugs and drinking before the accident, saying, “I was smoking marijuana. I was doing cocaine, and I had two beers.”

Martinez called the shooting an accident, saying no one was to blame.


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